Benefits Of Getting Free Ebooks – Download PDF Ebooks

E-books have entered the market in this decade and are here to stay much like the social media. Initially, when comparisons were made between the times children gave to computer versus book reading, the statistics got both the parents and teachers worried. However, the new option of having Download PDF ebooks on the PC solves a major problem faced by teachers i.e. directing children towards book reading from an early age.

The best thing about ebooks is that they are usually priced lower than hard-back versions as they circumvent the cost of transport, publishing, any sales tax etc. Once the rights are sold, a downloaded eBook can be passed on from one child to another without any sort of depreciation. That leads us to another unique benefit of free ebooks, they never get old, rotten, torn, smudged etc. Amazingly, they don’t even get outdated, so you don’t have to worry about a new version every time, like for yearly curriculum books that need to be bought again if a single new chapter is added. As all typing and amendment is done on the internet, any new inclusion will be done online and you can easily download the new version.

Another great benefit is the availability of free ebooks online. It’s surprising how good information is available easily and freely with no hidden charges atall. You can find dedicated websites online that let you download free eBooks on a variety of subjects. Children can find free comic ebooks and free entertainment eBooks like free Harry Potter ebooks, free music ebooks, free story ebooks etc. High school students and university graduates can look for in-depth free law ebooks, free medical ebooks, free science ebooks, business ebooks etc. IT specialists will be more than relieved to find free networking ebooks, free oracle ebooks, free java e-books, free Photoshop ebooks, free Linux ebooks etc. They can easily download free eBooks on networking and programming to create their very own website using flash,,, C++etc. For getting basic knowledge of website script, you can download HTML ebooks.

Harry Potter ebooks are the most popular ones, not only amongst kids, but adults alike. Mathematical e-books are there to learn approaches to problem solving with examples. Medical ebooks are good for professionals who want to keep informed of latest development in medicines and about the reasons and remedies of diseases. Those who want to improve their language skills can look for free Oxford guide to learn simple words with explanations, sentence constructions, grammar, idioms, and phrases etc.

Book Review: Ward (The Ward Triumvirate Book 1) by Kyle Waller

Far from just another dystopia, Kyle Waller’s Ward creates an immersive universe of inviting darkness. The action packed pages will easily grip your attention. This makes for an easy and entertaining summer reading.

To begin with, this story has no heroes, in the classical sense, only villains. Thus, making it more difficult for the reader to identify with a character. On the other hand, dwelling more on the dark side is certainly more intriguing and perhaps even makes the events seem more realistic. After the main character is faced with the following proposal: Up the river? Or down in the dirt? He ends up in the prison-city of what once was Sacramento California. The Ward is a place of no redemption, only survival. On one hand, the condemned must face nature, as ash keeps snowing over the land. But on the other hand, far more dangerous are the people who inhabit these parts. As the inhabitants are divided into several groups competing for some very limited resources, the power-plays that emerge are the main threat. Well, Kyle Waller throws his main character in the midst of this ongoing war, thus allowing the reader to jump straight into the action.

However, beyond all the action and thrill of Ward, there is a more serious issue underlining the entire narrative, mental illness. While at certain points its presence becomes blatantly obvious, at other times, it is much more subtle. It is this subtleness that I found more impressive. In these cases, it resembles an invisible presence, something that you can’t see, but can only feel. And this sensation of uneasiness is masterfully woven into the pages of the novel. Setting aside the story line, the book can serve as an incentive to prompt more dialogue on this often ostracized subject, which in reality as well, lurks mostly in the shadows.

All in all, Ward by Kyle Waller is certainly a strong start to his The Ward Trinity. This first book is more than simply an introduction to a dystopian universe, it is an immersion. Even if at times, you resurface to reality for some fresh air, something keeps pulling you back to the remaining pages. While, the book is not suitable for certain age groups due to some strong language and images, it stays appealing to a large number of people. There is something reminiscent of such classic stories as Mad Max or Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, but with a strong smell of freshness in the air.

Critical Book Review – Selling Fearlessly by Robert Terson

Imagine for just a moment being the King of the Jungle, the magnificent lion. Now replace the jungle with today’s crazy busy marketplace where you as the professional sales person must find new sales leads (hunt), establish mutually beneficial positive relationships and ultimately increase sales. If you are not fearful, maybe you should be?

Selling in today’s highly competitive and global market is truly not that much different than years gone by. Sure technology has changed some of the communications channel, yet the essence that separates the truly successful top sales performers from the not so successful ones is well detailed in Robert Terson’s book, Selling Fearlessly, where he shares a lifetime of personal stories. Bob talks from his heart and that is so rare to find in today’s business books.

Human beings remember those stories from their older family members because they have such emotion and instill such a compelling memory into our brains. The wisdom transferred through that act of story telling is incredible and cannot be replaced with some technical jargon.

Beyond the personal stories, Robert reawakens some long forgotten quotes from some old and probably even unknown journals and books. This quote is one of my favorites when asking the all too familiar question: “Are salespeople born or made?”

“While it is doubtless true that salesmen, like poets, are born, not made, it is also true that successful salesmen are those who, in most cases, have undergone a severe training in the school of hard knocks.” Farm Journal (October, 1913)

Many of today’s books on selling or sales are just a ploy to have you buy something else. This book is different because all Bob wants you to do is to consider sales from his years of practical success when it was just him and the customer.

To continue with a blow by blow review of each chapter, would not be fair to you the reader as each of us has a different perspective and I don’t want to take away any of the smiles, the nodding of the heads or Robert’s generous sharing. There is something magical when you hold that book into your hands even it is a Kindle.

So invest a few dollars and read a book that is really for the majority of salespeople in today’s small business market place. Who knows beyond your ability to increase sales by becoming a top sales performer, you may even develop Robert’s attitude of selling fearlessly?

To Sell Is Human by Daniel H Pink – Book Review – The New ABCs of Selling – B Is for Buoyancy

On December 31, 2012, Daniel H. Pink released his new book, “To Sell Is Human-The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.” Pink is the bestselling author of “Drive,” and “A Whole New Mind.”

Pink’s declares that regardless of our career, today, we’re all in sales. Traditional selling involves convincing customers and prospects to make a purchase. “Non-sales selling” is Pink’s term for convincing, persuading, and influencing others to give up something they’ve got in exchange for what we’ve got. The concept applies to everybody, as parents cajole children, lawyers sell juries on a verdict and teachers sell students on the value of paying attention in class, to name a few.

Today, to succeed in selling requires a new mindset based on the revised ABCs of selling. Previously, the ABCs meant, “always be closing.” Now the ABCs embody attunement, buoyancy, and clarity. The following article highlights buoyancy.

Buoyancy “Anyone who sells-whether they’re trying to convince customers to make a purchase or colleagues to make a change-must contend with wave after wave of rebuffs, refusals, and repudiations,” Pink says. He refers to buoyancy as the ability to stay afloat amid an ocean of rejection. Apply buoyancy’s three components before, during, and after any effort to move others; and you can effectively use it in your own life:

1. Before: Interrogative Self-Talk. Sales and success gurus, including Og Mandino and Napoleon Hill espouse autosuggestion-tell yourself you can do it. Declare how fabulous and unstoppable you are, saying things like, “I will be the world’s greatest salesman the world has ever known.” Today’s social science says otherwise.

We can all learn from cartoon character Bob the Builder. Bob continually finds himself in sticky situations requiring traditional sales or non-sales selling. Like all of us, he talks to himself, but his self-talk is neither negative nor declarative. To move himself and his team he asks, “Can we fix it?”

True, positive self-talk generally trumps negative self-talk, but the most effective self-talk doesn’t merely shift emotions. It shifts linguistic categories. It moves from making statements to asking questions.

Studies show those approaching a task with Bob-the-Builder-style questioning self-talk outperform those using conventional pump-yourself-up, declarative self talk. The reasons are twofold.

First, interrogative self-talk prompts answers-and within those answers are strategies for carrying out the task. Asking yourself before an important meeting if you can make a great pitch forces you to look within. You’re apt to remember other times you successfully made pitches, as well as other reasons you’ll succeed vs. simply making affirmations, devoid of summoning the resources and strategies to accomplish the task.

Secondly, interrogative self-talk inspires thoughts about autonomous or intrinsically motivated reasons to pursue a goal. People are apt to act and perform well when motivation comes from intrinsic choices vs. extrinsic pressures. “Declarative self-talk risks bypassing one’s motivation’s,” Pink says.

2. During: Positivity Ratios. Positivity often elicits disdainful sighs, but it has its place on how we move others. Negotiation studies showed those who’d heard positive-inflected pitches were twice as likely to accept a deal vs. those who’d heard a negative one. Negativity also produced far less generous counteroffers.

Studies show positive emotions broaden people’s ideas about possible actions, expand our behavioral repertoires, and heighten intuition and creativity.

To move others, either in traditional sales or non-sales selling, you must believe in the product you’re selling and it must show.

Research revealed the sweet spot for positivity is a ratio of 3:1. For every three instances of feeling gratitude, interest, or contentment, and experiencing only one instance of anger, guilt, or embarrassment, people generally flourished.

Excessive positivity proves harmful too. Some negativity and negative emotions provide feedback on our performance, information on what’s working and what’s not; and hints about how to do better.

3. After: Explanatory Style. Explanatory style refers to self-talk that occurs after an experience. People who give up easily and become helpless, even in situations where they can do something, explain bad events as permanent, pervasive, and personal. Salespeople with an optimistic explanatory style had better productivity.

Once you’ve mastered attunement, buoyancy, and clarity, which show you how to be, you need to know what to do. Honing your pitch, learning how to improvise and serve complement your actions.

To monitor your positivity ratio, Pink suggests visiting Barbara Fredrickson’s website. There you can take her “Positivity Self Test”- a twenty-question assessment doable in two to three minutes that will yield your current positivity ratio. Visit:

Book Review: Debrett's Etiquette for Girls' by Fleur Britten, a Book to Help Girls Gain Confidence

Fleur Britten is a British author who is commissioning editor of the Sunday Times Style newspaper. Britten has written 5 books on unconventional topics that have attracted a niche clientele of readers. Her book 'Debrett's Etiquette for Girls' is her latest book. It runs into 223 pages and has some lovely photographs that enhance the appeal of the book.

Debrett's is a specialist publisher, founded in 1769. The name Debrett's honors the name of John Debrett a publisher who died in 1822. This publishing firm publishes a special class of books and all the books of Britten are published by Debrett's.

What is Etiquette

Etiquette is usually defined as the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Fleur Britten has written a marvelous book on etiquette for girls. It's a topical subject and one that will interest a lot of readers, not necessarily girls.

In a nutshell Fleur Britten has written a book that will guide a girl in taking the right steps in her everyday life. Etiquette is not a constant code of behavior but changes with time and eras. What was good etiquette a hundred years back may not be so good in the 21st century. With the changing values ​​in everyday life for etiquette, Fleur Britten has written a really informative book that guides a girl in all matters of etiquette in the present age.

Etiquette for Girls

The book 'Etiquette for Girls' is an essential guide for a girl in the 21st century. It explains how a girl should behave in her everyday life. Britten covers all aspects of a social situation that a girl may come across. She covers all social situations including man management. This is a term that is very important in the modern age.

By Man management Britten means all social situations from flirting to one night stands and love affairs, crushes and breakups. These are situations that can confront a young girl at any time. A whirlwind romance could land a girl in bed with a man about who she knows nothing. In addition she may love a man or break with him. Fleur Britten writes with confidence on these aspects. These are situations that a girl is likely to face in modern society. Britten writes reassuringly on these aspects and gives good advice to a girl. She stresses on how a girl should behave and react in such social situations.

Etiquette in Other Fields

Britten also touches on a wide variety of topics other than dating and love affairs. She advises a girl how to dress and behave on occasions like dining out, socializing or entertaining at home. She advises how a girl should behave so as to please everybody. Britten further dwells on the high flying aspects of social behaviors like attending polo matches or flying as a guest in a private jet. Such a situation could arise in any girls life as her poise and looks may bring her in contact with the cream of affluence people. Her chapter on office etiquette is particularly welcome and give sane advice as to how a girl can get ahead in her work place.

In the present times when many girls work in the office in a variety of jobs, this chapter by Fleur Britten is like a godsend and opens a door to the world of office etiquette.

Britten has a special chapter on conversation and how to avoid some dreaded bloomers. She emphasizes poise and demeanor with the right choice of phrases and words in a conversation. Her advice is excellent and sure to give greater confidence to a girl who reads this book and practices what is advised. Lastly her book has some lovely photographs that enhance its appeal.

Last word

Etiquette is subject that appeals to all and young girls will find this book helpful. Its presentation is nice and the book easy to read and understand.

Britten's 'Etiquette for Girls' is a topical book and an essential guide for a girl about town. Presently the author resides in London. In addition to this book, the other books written by Fleur Britten are On the Couch, Hg2; a hedonists Guide to London and A Hedonists Guide to Milan. All her books are very well received by the public at large.

How to Download the Bible Online – Safe and Secure

In this age of digital book readers and e-books, the King James Bible is not far behind. For those of you who would rather own a digital version that you can carry with you everywhere, downloading this powerful book is so simple that you would find it hard to believe.

Downloading the Bible

You can download the King James Bible digital version from any website that allows online Bible downloads. Downloading is quick and simple as there is no need for any kind of additional software to be installed. Some websites might require you to become a registered user before you are allowed to begin the download. The downloaded version of the King James Bible comes with a fee of around $20.

Benefits of the downloaded version

When you opt for the King James Bible download you get instant access to it. You will be able to read your copy in as little as five minutes. The online version of the Bible comes with both the Old and the New Testament. It is also packed with features like a keyword search. This makes it easier for you to find a passage that you are looking for. Most websites that you can download the Bible from also give you additional bonuses to make your purchase worthwhile. Depending on the website that you use, you get up to 5 additional bonus items along with your purchase.


There is a fee that is applicable when you download Bible King James. You could get your copy for as little as $19.99. Most websites have various modes of payments that you can use. The most common ones are through your credit card or through PayPal. However before you make your payments, ensure that the site in question is a secure one.

Book Review: The Professor by Charlotte Bronte

The Professor was Charlotte Bronte’s first book, written in 1845-6 but not published until 1857, two years after her death, and ten years after the publication of her most famous work, Jane Eyre. Although a new review of a well-known classic serves little purpose, it is interesting to put on record one’s views from a modern perspective. From the beginning of The Professor it is clear that the young Charlotte Bronte had an astonishing fluency and breath of vocabulary but she writes with a charming naivety and from a seemingly narrow breath of experience.

The principal character is a young man, William Crimsworth, and one must wonder immediately if the young female writer can create a realistic male mind. The author was obviously more successful with a female heroine in Jane Eyre. Though a heterosexual, William Crimsworth, has a particularly sanitised view of members of the fair sex. How much this is due to the conventions of the period and how much to the author’s inevitable lack of insight is impossible to say.

All the important characters in The Professor are described in detail with regard to physical appearance and demeanour but attention is paid to the interpretation of head shape by the pseudoscience of phrenology, which was popular in the period immediately before the book was written but has since been discredited. Miss Bronte’s tendency to discern nationality from head shape is also hard to accept in the modern world. However, this is not a harsh criticism, as all authors run the risk of their scientific knowledge being superseded in later years.

Some of the characters seem to be of such extreme nature as to be hard to believe. Could anyone be quite so unfeeling and cruel as William’s brother, Edward, or quite so detached, ill-mannered and omniscient as Mr Hunsden? Extreme caricatures can enhance the drama and intrigue, take Sherlock Holmes for instance, but there can be perhaps too many in one novel. Miss Bronte’s female characters, Frances Henri and Zoraide Reuter, are completely believable and can be taken on trust as the creations of a female mind.

William Crimsworth earns his living as an English teacher and although today he would need a TEFL certificate he appears to be well qualified for the job and successful in its execution. William speaks fluent French, and as much of the dialogue is reported in that language, Miss Bronte seems to expect her readers to have at least a sound basic knowledge. Presumably, her sophisticated aristocratic Victorian readers could cope with this amount of French, but many modern readers might find this substantial use of a foreign language annoying. However, it is remarkable how little the English language has changed in almost one hundred and seventy years and The Professor will continue to be read and enjoyed long after this, and most other reviews, are forgotten.

Book Review: Chaos by James Gleick

This book, first published in 1988 but still in print ten years later, is probably regarded as out-of-date by those with special knowledge of the subject. However, in relating the exciting developments that took place in the first three decades, during which the proponents of chaos theory fought for its recognition as a legitimate branch of science, the book retains much interest for the scientifically literate layperson and the serious general reader.

The author explains that progress in science has traditionally involved solving problems that could be simplified by neglecting minor influences and deriving a mathematical formula to represent the interaction of only one or two major factors affecting the behaviour of the subject under study. He uses as an example the well-known formula for the motion of the simple pendulum which ignores the effect of air resistance. Much progress had been made in this way, but scientists were encountering more and more situations in which the influence of minor factors could not be ignored. The first of these was in weather forecasting.

Failures in weather forecasting in World War II helped to lead to an awareness that the weather is affected by many minor influences none of which can be ignored. In the 1950s, meteorologists began to tackle the complexity with the aid of computers. The early work showed that minor changes in the initial conditions could promote big changes in the outcome. Under some conditions patterns might emerge, while others led to wide and random fluctuations that became known as chaos.

Biologists studying how the populations of organisms vary over time also encountered chaos. With a basic formula for a fish population, if a certain parameter has a low value the population is stable, increasing the value the population fluctuates between two levels, then four levels etc, until fluctuating wildly and unpredictably in a region of chaos.

The author gives several examples of relatively simple formulae which when repeatedly calculated on a computer thousands of times define areas of stability and areas of chaos. Some computer outputs in the region of chaos when displayed graphically show complex patterns that resemble natural forms and are repeated at every scale of presentation. These are the now well-known and much-admired Mandelbrot fractal images.

Having shown examples of how single simple formulae when repeatedly calculated on a computer can generate chaos, the author creates some confusion by stating on page 264 that ‘… three differential equations (are) the minimum necessary for chaos, as Poincare and Lorenz had shown.’ This isolated statement puts a question in the mind of the reader that is not answered. Nevertheless, James Gleick’s book has lasting value as a fascinating account of the dawn of a new scientific tool for unravelling the complexity of nature.

Finding Romance Books To Read Online – Tips and Tricks To Know Before You Download Novels On Love

There’s nothing like being immersed in a good novel on love and romance. Many individuals download romance books to read online and it is a frequent habit, made possible by advancements in computing software and the internet. A book you read on your computer is called an eBook, but they also go by other names, such as an electronic book and a digital book.

Whether or not you are used to downloading romance novels online, the following paragraphs will go into detail with some tips and tricks to know, if you’re going to satisfy your need for romance books to read online. We will also discuss the types of places where you can get your hands on some quality romance novels, as well as some precautionary measures you should take.

The internet is a somewhat safer place to do browsing and downloads compared to a few years ago. Even with downloading romance novels to read online, that does not mean you should not be vigilant either. There are rogue websites and files on the internet that are programmed to compromise your privacy and the security of your personal computer. Having some security program(s) on your computer to combat viruses, malware, spyware and rootkits, is a step you should take before doing any extensive browsing and downloading online.

Websites can contain code and romance eBook files may have been tampered with, to cause damage to your computer. While the chances of a downloaded romance eBook, causing an infection on your personal computer is minimal, it can happen, so don’t turn a blind eye with regards to having a reputable security program that is regularly updated (to combat new threats) on your computer. This should provide the best experience possible when you download romance stories online.

Finding romance books to read online can be a chore, if you are looking for a database containing a multitude of romantic novels. The easiest databases you will find are shopping sites, as they will have a multitude of romance books for sale. These can be tangible books, which are shipped to your home or downloadable romance eBooks, which are delivered to your computer instantly upon completion of the transaction.

If you’re on a budget you will find that many romance books are affordable. There are certain places that may allow free romance eBook downloads, but the quality and content of these books are often questionable and stripped. For example, you may freely download a romance novel to read online, only to find out that you were only given the first couple of pages. These are usually samples and if you like what you read so far, you have to pay for the rest of the book.

What has been emerging lately is a subscription based model. Websites offering a service where you subscribe and afterwards, you are able to download all the romance books to read online that you want. Some of these are “pay by the month” subscriptions, but I have seen one that only asks for a small one time payment for a lifetime membership, and what is offered is surprisingly good. You’re basically given unlimited access to a huge library of eBooks.

Because of the advancements in technology, you aren’t just limited to reading love and romance eBooks on your computer. There are many other devices that allow you to read digital books. Some of these include, the iPad, Kindle and Nook. The devices that were primarily made for reading eBooks are called eReaders.

The main advantage to having an eReading device, is that they are portable and they can store a multitude of digital books, as opposed to having to tote all the books that you want to read wherever you go. These portable eReaders usually have a very long battery life, before you have to charge them again. Some eReaders have improved lighting features, in case you are going to read in a poorly lit area.

Now that we have some information on downloading romance and love stories, are you up for getting some steamy romance novels to read online?

Book Review: The Bible: The Biography, by Karen Armstrong

To many people in the twenty-first century, the Bible may seem an anachronism, but as an all-time best seller, it still attracts many new commentaries. Undoubtedly, Karen Armstrong is one of those best qualified to add to this vast body of literature. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive. After providing an outline of how the sixty-six books were assembled she turns to describing how these texts have been interpreted by different groups of scholars over the ages, in a process which she constantly reminds us is called exegesis, a Greek word meaning to lead or guide out.

Karen Armstrong explains that for hundreds of years before any of the words were committed to writing, the wisdom of the past was passed orally from generation to generation. Story tellers have always been given license to modify and embellish their tales and this license was extended to the generations of new authors, many anonymous or purporting to be well-known past prophets, who reworked and rearranged the early texts. 'From the first, biblical authors felt free to revise the texts they had inherited and give them entirely different meaning.' Much was added and some things were lost, but eventually an effort was made to establish an official canon, a set of books approved by religious authority.

Two canons are discussed. The books of the Old Testament, originally composed in several languages ​​including Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, are shared by both Jews and Christians, but the books of the New Testament, all originally composed in Greek, are used only by Christians. Karen Armstrong describes how both Jews and Christians have undertaken the process of exegesis over the ages, each seeking new insights from old texts in the belief that this patchwork of ancient papers preserves the hidden Word of God.

Exegesis has been undertaken in an astonishing variety of ways. Many scholars have devoted their lives, and schools have worked for generations, on detailed analysis of every book, chapter and verse. Most efforts have involved looking beyond the words for an underlying meaning. Others have sought new insights by linking words and phrases from different books, often far removed from one another in time and context. Only one system is condemned. The Bible lacks historical accuracy and contains so many contradictions that any attempt at a literal understanding soon leads to confusion. Karen Armstrong is sympathetic to most of the religious groups who have wrestled with this literary leviathan but she warns of the dangers of literal interpretation leading to fundamentalism.